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Modern Warfare 2 'Error Connecting to Activision Account': How to Fix


A new "error connecting to Activision account" issue has emerged for players trying to link Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to their respective Activision account. Here is how to get started with some possible fixes for it.

The error message, which states that the "account could not be linked", prevents players from connecting their Activision accounts to a Steam or account. However, some players who haven't linked their Activision accounts to anything beforehand have also reported the issue. While Activision hasn't yet released an official patch, there are several remedies that could potentially fix the issue.

Modern Warfare 2 'Error Connecting to Activision Account': How to Fix

Unlink and re-link your Steam and/or accounts

On your desktop, login to your Activision account. Once done, visit the "Profile" tab and select "Account Linking". From there, select the 'unlink' button on either your Steam or account, and then select 'relink'. The site will then prompt you with more instructions on how to complete the relinking process.

Check file integrity

If you are playing the game on PC through Steam or, visiting either client will give you the option to verify and fix the game's files' integrity. If there are any issues, the client will fix them automatically after a short period of time.

Create a new Activision account

If the above fixes don't resolve the issue, create a new Activision account with a different email address. After unlinking all connections on your previous account, reconnect your Steam and accounts to the new Activision account.

Having more issues changing your Activision ID or getting more error messages? Luckily, we have several fixes available to choose from.