Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Load Availability on Consoles and PC

Activision, Screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players can pre-load multiplayer mode when pre-ordering the game. From pre-loading times to availability on consoles, here's everything you need to know about pre-loading Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Load Availability on Consoles and PC

After pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2 and completing the campaign, players can also look forward to pre-loading the game's multiplayer feature. With Modern Warfare 2 campaign rewards, players can begin pre-loading and waiting for the release at midnight.

Through pre-loading Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode, fans can immediately play this feature when the game launches on Oct. 28. The available date for pre-loading Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer feature occurred on Oct. 19. Players who have not begun pre-loading can start it before the official release of the game.

Console players can enter multiplayer mode by performing the New Zealand feature, which will allow pre-loading on PlayStation 4 and 5. Players will first have to pre-order the game from the PlayStation store. Fans can pre-order the game by searching for Modern Warfare 2 on the console. Players will also have to pre-order the Cross-Gen Bundle for receiving availability to pre-load the multiplayer feature.

After pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2, players can begin to download it on the PlayStation 4 and 5. Fans suggest downloading the game on PlayStation 5 in order to receive the most thrilling experiences of the game.

Players can also pre-load Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer feature on Xbox One, Series X/S with the addition of pre-ordering the Cross-Gen Bundle.

Steam and players, however, only have to pre-order the base game when pre-loading the multiplayer feature.

Unfortunately, PC fans will have to load the packs for another time, despite having the campaign.

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