Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List May 2020: Best Weapons to Use

Modern Warfare Weapon tier list for the month of May 2020.
Modern Warfare Weapon tier list for the month of May 2020. / Credit: Activision, Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare Weapon tier list of May 2020 is finally here.

Call of Duty titles are well-known for their distinctive weapon favorites among players, sweeping the loadouts of plenty as fans cull over more feeble options in-game. With Modern Warfare 2 and 3, the ACR dominated the digital landscapes while the M8A1 was rampant in Black Ops 2.

Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List May 2020

While we can appreciate the franchise's storied past, it's time to look to the present as the tier list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for May 2020 is here.

S Tier

M4A1: Bar none, Modern Warfare's best assault rifle is the M4A1. Unlocked at a low level, the gun is perfect for beginners with its unmatched fire rate and minimal recoil. Simply put: this gun is powerful.

MP5: The best SMG in the game has to be the MP5. This sub is the perfect gun for close-to-mid range fights because you can either play a run-and-gun style with it or sit back and let your enemies run into your crosshair.

725: Modern Warfare's best shotgun is still the 725, even after the gun received a nerf a few weeks after the game came out. The gun is lethal up-front and mid-range, eliminating most enemies with one shot from its double-barrel.

A Tier

GRAU 5.56: Season Two introduced this weapon into the new Battle Pass system for Call of Duty. This all-around AR is similar to many LMGs within the game although only bringing 30 bullets in each magazine cartridge.

Kilo 141: This fully automatic rifle combines hefty damage with an impressive fire rate, although the recoil might turn some toward an easier option.

Kar98k: This is arguably the most authentic sniper within the latest Modern Warfare release, giving the same satisfaction and feel as past Call of Duty sniper favorites. It works in similar fashion to COD4's Kar98.

B Tier

AK-47: Obtaining a B rating is the old beloved. One of the most storied weapons in Call of Duty history, the AK in the latest Modern Warfare has heavy recoil but still packs a punch when you can hit your shots.

PKM: This fully automatic light machine gun deals damage to enemies from long range. Additionally, this is probably the easiest LMG to manage from a recoil standpoint.

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