Mooshroom Monstrosity Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find the Secret Final Boss

Mooshroom Monstrosity Minecraft Dungeons battle explained
Mooshroom Monstrosity Minecraft Dungeons battle explained / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Mooshroom Monstrosity Minecraft Dungeons is the worst-kept secret in the game.

It appears that developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven took some inspiration from popular Blizzard dungeon-crawler, Diablo, when designing their own spin-off with Minecraft Dungeons. As more players complete the story of the game, they're quickly discovering there's more available in the world than readily available.

Are you ready to get in on the secret level and the hardest boss in Minecraft Dungeons?

Mooshroom Monstrosity Minecraft Dungeons

Mooshroom Monstrosity only becomes available to battle after the player collects every hidden rune in the game. There are nine in total—one of which you collect automatically as you play—and each needs to be plugged in underneath a developer portrait in the Cathedral. Only then will a portal open to the level where you'll be mercilessly attacked by angry cows.

This is a reference to the cow level in Diablo. After completing the story, Diablo players could enter a bonus level with the same mechanic. They would spend the entire level beating back aggressive cows in waves until the final boss.

In Minecraft Dungeons, that final boss is the Mooshroom Monstrosity. It appears to be a giant golem covered in mushroom spores and redstone patches. It's a variant of the Redstone Monstrosity and comes with a few specific attacks.

Mooshroom Monstrosity Battle Tips

One move is a simple melee smash where the Monstrosity slams its fist into the ground and creates a shockwave. According to players, this attack occurs most often when in close range. It will shake the ground around you so be cautious of your footing.

A second move is to summon adds in the form of Mooshrooms. Fortunately, this triggers a cooldown, so if you can take down the extra units quick enough you can strike the boss without much issue.

Another move is the ever-predictable giant smash that all Redstone Monstrosities do. You know what to do here: dive out of the way.

The final move involves blasting flaming mushrooms from its mouth. This is a ranged attack that affects a small area when the projectiles land. Try to avoid these without stepping into melee range or you'll get hit with the shockwave. You may find success deflecting these back for extra damage.

Clearly, being close to the boss is a death sentence. We recommend you keep yourself out of range and focus on ranged weapons to deal damage. Even melee weapons with a longer range would be better than nothing.