Most Overpowered Weapons and Legends for Apex Legends Season 19

Check out the best weapons and Legends in Apex Legends: Ignite.
Check out the best weapons and Legends in Apex Legends: Ignite. / Respawn Entertainment

After plenty gameplay and loot changes, Apex Legends Season 19 features a few overpowered weapons and Legends that dominate Ranked lobbies.

Apex Legends: Ignite launched with new patch notes that shifted the weapon and Legend meta in the current season. A long list of buffs and nerfs made some fan-favorite choices in Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale either more popular or no longer viable.

Here's the three most broken weapons and Legends in Apex Legends Season 19.

Most Overpowered Weapons for Apex Legends Season 19

1. Nemesis AR

Unsurprisingly, the Nemesis AR is still the most overpowered long-range option in Apex Legends. In past seasons, the Hemlok Burst AR rivaled the Nemesis, but Respawn Entertainment delivered a nerf to the gun that reduced its damage. Now, the Nemesis stands alone as the best assault rifle in the game.

2. Wingman

The Wingman received a massive buff in Apex Legends: Ignite. Now that the weapon was moved to care packages, its base damage, projectile size, and ammo were all increased. Plus, it has the Skullpiercer Elite that ignores helmet headshot damage reduction. Although it might be more difficult to come by this season, the Wingman is more broken than ever.

3. Longbow

The Longbow is the best Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends Season 19. It might not inflict as much damage as other long-range options, but Apex Legends: Ignite matches are quickly becoming dominated by snipers. The Longbow's high fire fate combined with Season 19's larger projectiles bring the weapon to the forefront of the Battle Royale's current meta.

Most Overpowered Legends for Apex Legends Season 19

1. Bangalore

Bangalore has swiftly moved to the top of the meta in the last couple of Apex Legends seasons. Her high pick rate reveals just how well-rounded the overpowered Legend is in Season 19. Her smokes and speedy passive are perfect for getting away from unfavorable situations, allowing Bangalore to escape or rotate from just about anything.

2. Wraith

Wraith is a Legend that offers unparalleled mobility. Her ultimate portals both her and her teammates to a safer or better location should they need a quick escape or an S-Tier position. Plus, her tactical makes her invulnerable and also gives her a 30% speed boost as she enters the void. Wraith might not be as popular a choice as Bangalore, but she is certainly just as deadly.

3. Catalyst

Catalyst is one of the best defensive Legends in the game. Although she received a minor nerf in the Season 19 patch notes, she is still an overpowered character with a kit perfect for stagnating the pushes of her opponents. Players can manipulate her ferrofluid to set traps, slow enemies, and even create a massive wall that blocks scans.