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Most Pay-to-Win Cosmetics in Warzone History

Here is a list ranking the cosmetics that have been the most "pay-to-win" in Call of Duty: Warzone thus far.
Here is a list ranking the cosmetics that have been the most "pay-to-win" in Call of Duty: Warzone thus far. / Photo courtesy of Activision

This list ranking the most pay-to-win Warzone cosmetics is here to break down, reflect and chronicle some of the most inexplicable offerings to ever drop in Verdansk.

Like most competitive shooters, Call of Duty: Warzone's devs and marketing teams strictly emphasize that none of their Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins or Operator Variants are supposed to give players a competitive advantage. However, as shown in this list, there have been several times where that simply was not the case, intended or not.

Most Pay-to-Win Cosmetics in Warzone History

4. "Great Pacific" XM4 Weapon Blueprint

Great Pacific
Great Pacific / Photo courtesy of Activision

About midway through the second Season 1 in Warzone, the XM4 received a new Legendary Weapon Blueprint that seemed harmless initially. Soon enough, however, the Great Pacific variant soon became known as the Blue Tracer XM4 that both has a faster fire rate and a lower ADS zoom. While the Tracer Pack Indigo skin has since been nerfed, there's no denying that it was a pay-to-win advantage at the time.

3. "SquirtFrog" Bullfrog Weapon Blueprint

Something that will almost definitely will be patched in the coming days is the literal sound-bending ability of the SquirtFrog SMG Weapon Blueprint. When shot, the new Bullfrog Blueprint somehow makes the opposing player hear shots all around them no matter where the gun is actually being shot from. Being that this variant actually released back in Season 4 as part of the Summer Fun bundle, it's actually quite impressive that it has managed to stay under the radar for this long.

2. "Gallantry" MAC-10 Weapon Blueprint

Gallantry / Photo courtesy of Activision

Back in January 2021, the ever-popular MAC-10 received a nerf after dominating the meta within moments of dropping into the game. Soon enough, however, things got even spicer in Warzone as players discovered that the season's Tier 95 Battle Pass Legendary "Gallantry" Weapon Blueprint quite literally had a better recoil pattern, tighter hipfire spread and a higher headshot damage multiplier than the standard MAC-10. While it soon received a well-deserved nerf, those who got their hands on it at the time can attest to how lethal that thing was.

1. "Rook" Roze Operator Variant

Rook / Photo courtesy of Activision

Sitting at No. 1 in this list, of course, is the notorious Rook legendary skin for the Roze operator. Only accessible to those who reached Tier 100 of the original Season 5 battle pass, post-nerf Rook Roze remains the sweatiest skin to use for competitive players looking to get as much of an advantage in Verdansk as possible.