Most Popular Weapons in Warzone of All Time

Here's a breakdown of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone history.
Here's a breakdown of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone history. / Activision

With the days counting down until the "new era" of Call of Duty officially gets underway with the launch of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0, there's perhaps no better time to break down, reflect on and chronicle some of the most popular weapons ever used in Infinity Ward's original hit battle royale.

It's surreal that 17 seasons have just about come and gone in Warzone. Throughout that time, the game's collection of primary and secondary weapons continued to fluctuate in power rankings as players figured out the meta. Here's a breakdown of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone history.

Most Popular Weapons in Warzone of All Time

5. Krig 6

Kicking off the list is a weapon that, at its peak during the Black Ops Cold War era, was unmistakably the most popular weapon at the time. Thanks to its nonexistent recoil pattern, the Krig 6 became just about every player's go-to AR at the time.

4. Bren

This weapon was in the hands of just about every player for the first couple of seasons in the Warzone Pacific era. Withstanding multiple nerfs until it was finally ousted from the meta, the Bren was undeniably the most popular weapon in Caldera for quite some time.

3. Grau 5.56

When you think about the golden days of Warzone, the Grau 5.56 and Verdansk probably come to mind. Although the Kilo 141 and CR-56 AMAX are often regarded as picks for players' all-time favorite Warzone assault rifles, those two perhaps never dominated the game as consistently or as long as the Grau did. Raven Software even called it the "true AR king" and gave it a Calling Card commemorating it as the "meta of all metas."

2. Kar98k (MW)

It's pretty hard to dispute that before the sniper headshot nerfs, the Modern Warfare Kar98k was perhaps not only one of the most satisfying rifles to use in any Call of Duty title, but also in all of gaming. With its supreme handling and consistent stopping power, the MW Kar98k has consistently been one of, if not the most popular sniper in Warzone history.

1. DMR 14

Last but not least, the DMR 14 tactical rifle was so overpowered throughout the entirety of the Black Ops Cold War era's Season 1 that players in the community started calling the game DMRzone. Even with full plates, the DMR 14 was a two-shot kill to the head, and a one-shot kill to the head with stopping power rounds. If you weren't using a DMR 14 or a Type 63, you stood no chance in-game at the time.

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