MTG Galaxy Foil Explained


Magic: The Gathering is a game that takes pride in its art, often "blinging out" new cards to maximize the prestige of owning limited-edition or rare cards and the value of those cards on the secondary market. Some of the most prized variants of cards are holographic foils, which shine in light and are rarer than other cards. Last year, a special kind of foil emerged: The Galaxy Foil. Here's what you need to know.

MTG Galaxy Foil Explained

Galaxy Foils were a new foil treatment released with 2022's special set Unfinity. These foils have a special effect akin to glitter - this makes sense given the space theme of Unfinity.

Unfinity is an "Un-" set, alongside Magic sets like Unstable, Unglued, Unsanctioned and Unhinged. These sets are essentially Magic parody sets, with zany mechanics and themes that wouldn't fly in serious Magic. Unfinity's theme was a space carnival, bringing crazy cards like Space Beleren. These cards are not legal in most normal Magic formats and are mainly played for fun and laughs.

Galaxy Foils appeared in 2022's Unfinity set and only in special Collector's Edition boosters, which contain between three and five Galaxy Foils.