MTG March of the Machine Spoilers


Magic: The Gathering is powering into 2023 with March of the Machine, which lead designer Mark Rosewater called the Magic product he is most excited about this year. Previews for the set have already begun ahead of its release. Here's what you need to know about the new cards. Spoilers ahead.

As it stands, things aren't looking good for the Magic multiverse. Elesh Norn and the Phyrexians successfully activated their Realmbreaker device, allowing them to launch full-scale invasions of other planes. The newest spoilers show the Phyrexians at the apex of their power, converting fan-favorite MTG characters into brainwashed minions and laying waste to beloved worlds. As crazy as that sounds, Rosewater said these previews "barely scratch the surface."

That being said, don't proceed if you want to come into March of the Machine fresh!

MTG March of the Machine Spoilers

On Feb. 19, Wizards of the Coast released a First Look at March of the Machine, including the first batch of cards spoiled. Topping the preview are cards representing the invasion of the other planes.

After invading the planes, the Phyrexians set to work turning their inhabitants.

All is not lost — yet. WOTC also showcased a selection of heroes, including a set of partnered legendary creatures representing former enemies teaming up to fight the Phyrexians.

The last card spoiled, Moment of Truth, is an innocuous common card but points to Elspeth as playing a critical role int he upcoming story as she was thought to be dead or last after the events of All Will Be One.

You'll be able to find more card previews between March 29 and April 4 on the official card gallery for March of the Machine.