MTG Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster Box: How to Get


Who doesn't love a good mystery? Magic: The Gathering is hosting its MagicCon Minneapolis event in May, and MTG players will not only get the opportunity to mingle with fellow players and participate in the Pro Tour event, but also gain exclusive access to special products, including the Mystery Booster Convention Edition Boosters. Here's how to get a whole box of them.

Mystery Boosters are exactly what they say on the front: Magic booster packs with unknown cards inside. These cards come from different sets in Magic's 30 year history, so opening one could net a card printed one year ago or 10 years ago: It's all up to chance. These boosters are supposed to provide a fun, casual and chaotic play experience,

MTG Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster Box: How to Get

The easiest way to gain access to Mystery Boosters is to attend the convention, but other players aren't totally shut out. To make the convention experience more accessible Wizards of the Coast released a Festival in a Box product, which includes a Mystery Booster convention Edition Booster Box, Booster Boxes for The Brothers War and Phyrexia: All Will Be One, a foil Arcane Signet promo and a Legendary Flyers (Not that Kind) Secret Lair Drop.

Unfortunately, this product sold out nearly instantly (as many Secret Lair products do), so the only way to get the Booster Box now is on the secondary market. The product retails for $270, and includes a special playtest card unavailable anywhere else.