MTG Wilds of Eldraine Debuts Card Teasers

Wilds of Eldraine brings fairytale whimsy and dark sorcery to Magic.
Wilds of Eldraine brings fairytale whimsy and dark sorcery to Magic. / WOTC / Magali Villeneuve

Magic: The Gathering continues to grow, and Wizards of the Coast is already revealing new details about a set that doesn't come out for another four months. Although Wilds of Eldraine is a long way away, details have already emerged about some of the cards that will be featured in the set. Here's what's been revealed so far.

Wilds of Eldraine is the set that will immediately follow the conclusion of the New Phyrexia storyline that is being tied up with March of the Machine: Aftermath. The set will see players return to the fairy-tale-inspired plane after its debut in 2019 with Throne of Eldraine. Throne of Eldraine was notable due to the many powerful cards included in the set, such as the near-universally bannedOko, Thief of Crowns and the reviled Questing Beast.

Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine Debuts Card Teasers

In an article on the official Magic website, Wizards of the Coast explained details about the upcoming set. The most exciting part of the article for those interested in card spoilers was the reveal of new artwork for important characters featured in the set.

Notably, royal Planeswalkers Will and Rowan return, and this time they appear to be enemies: They have separate artwork and card titles, with Will being the "Scion of Peace" and Rowan the "Scion of War." This divide between the twins has been hinted at foe some time, since Rowan gained a taste of destructive power in the 2021 set Strixhaven.

Also appearing is the mysterious Planeswalker Ashiok, who has the ability to manipulate dreams and nightmares. It's possible Ashiok is causing the divide between the two siblings for their own nefarious agenda: Ashiok similarly manipulated Elspeth and Elesh Norn in previous storylines.

Also revealed were Syr Ginger, the gingerbread knight featured in the first set's cinematic trailer, and Eriette of the Charmed Apple, the art of whom was previously revealed when the set was announced.

Eldraine was invaded by the Phyrexians in March of the Machine, so the effects of the previous set may influence the storyline of Wilds of Eldraine and its cards - we already know from Aftermath leaks that Will and Rowan's parents perished during the invasion, which is a majorly disruptive event for that plane.