MTG Wilds of Eldraine Story Explained

Wizards of the Coast

Wilds of Eldraine, the Fall set for Magic: The Gathering, got its first cards previewed today at MTG's Pro Tour Barcelona event. The set, which would have marked the start of the next period for Standard rotation but has since shifted to a continuation of the current one, includes new and returning characters as well as a brand-new storyline. Here are all the details revealed today.

Wilds of Eldraine is the second Magic set to take place on the plane of Eldraine, a fairy tale-inspired world that recalls Arthurian legends and the spooky tales of the Brothers Grimm. Throne of Eldraine, released in 2019, was popular due to its enjoyable "Adventure" mechanic but was also controversial due to its high power level, which warped competitive metas until severe bans occurred.

MTG Wilds of Eldraine Story Explained

According to an article released today on the Magic website, Wilds of Eldraine puts in the plane in the immediate aftermath of the failed Phyrexian invasion that nonetheless ravaged the plane. As the set's story begins, the plane has been cursed with something called the Wicked Slumber, a phenomenon that helped repel the Phyrexians but also affects the plane's residents by putting them into a deep, magical sleep.

The mysterious Planeswalker Ashiok appears in an antagonistic role, preying upon the sleeping minds of Eldraine's inhabitants to fuel their nightmare magic. Returning characters Will and Rowan, siblings stripped of their sparks, are also playing a pivotal role in the story.

New characters include Talion, a fae noble who produced the Wicked Slumber, and Kellan, who wants to end it.

As preview season heats up, we'll learn more about the mechanics coming to Wilds of Eldraine and what kind of effect the set might have on the newly-expanded Standard meta.