MW3 Warzone Michonne Operator Release Date

Check out the Michonne Operator release date in Warzone.
Check out the Michonne Operator release date in Warzone. / Activision

As The Walking Dead and Call of Duty prepare to merge, fans want to know the Michonne Operator release date ahead of Warzone Season 2.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 is set to be one of the most exciting Call of Duty updates in the last year. Not only is a fresh Battle Pass and two new weapons coming to the game, but Fortune's Keep is making its triumphant return to Warzone. Plus, for the first time ever, fans will get to experience Ranked Resurgence on the beloved map. The new Season also features a collaboration with The Walking Dead, bringing Rick Grimes and Michonne Operators to Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

So, when is Michonne launching in Call of Duty?

Warzone Michonne Operator Release Date

The Warzone Michonne Operator will be released in Warzone Season 2. Although Activision has not confirmed an exact date just yet, we expect the Michonne Operator to arrive in Call of Duty at the end of February, right around the time The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live premieres on Feb. 25, 2024.

The Operator would release just a few days before The Walking Dead: Fear the Living in-game event kicks off on Feb. 28, 2024. According to the Warzone Season 2 roadmap, fans will get an extra XP boost in the event if they equip the Michonne Operator. Therefore, Michonne will make her Call of Duty debut by the end of this month.

How to Get Michonne in Warzone Season 2

To get Michonne in Warzone Season 2, fans must purchase the Tracer Pack: The Walking Dead — Michonne Operator Bundle from the store once it releases in-game. We expect the bundle to cost 2,400 COD points.

The Michonne Operator Bundle includes the following items:

  • Michonne Operator
  • Weapon Blueprint
  • Finishing Move
  • Weapon Decal
  • Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Sticker

The Walking Dead x Warzone Collaboration Release Date

The Walking Dead x Warzone collaboration will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024, at 12 p.m. ET, as part of Warzone Season 2. As soon as the new Season goes live, fans can purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass for 1,100 COD points and instantly receive the Rick Grimes Operator.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Walking Dead in-game event as February unfolds.