Mythic+ Healer Rankings Shadowlands 9.1

Chains of Domination has been live for two weeks
Chains of Domination has been live for two weeks / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch 9.1, Chains of Domination has been live for two weeks which means players have gotten to play around with the new class changes as well as the new Mythic+ affix. Here’s a Mythic+ Healer Rankings for Shadowlands 9.1.

Mythic+ Healer Rankings Shadowlands 9.1

For this list, we’ll be categorizing and grouping classes by tiers.

S- Tier 

Holy Paladin

As one of, if not the best late-game-scaling healer with secondary stats, Holy Paladin is a bit of a no-brainer as the best healer for Mythic+. Combine the fact that they bring an immense amount of damage— a much-needed addition in Mythic+— this is the healer to bring. Holy Paladins also bring great cooldowns such as the party-wide defensive Aura Mastery and single target such as Blessing of Sacrifice and Blessing of Protection. While also bringing a party-wide mitigation in the form of Devotion Aura.

A- Tier 

Discipline Priest, Restoration Shaman

Both solid picks for any Mythic+ group, Discipline Priest and Restoration Shaman bring their own benefits. Discipline Priest provides some of the best external party cooldowns in the game in the form of player-targetted Pain Suppression and party-wide Power Word: Barrier, perfect for heavy HPS needs. This is all while maintaining a relatively high DPS. They also bring Power Word: Fortitude alongside Power infusion, a great cooldown in its own right. Priests can also Mass Dispel the Bursting Affix, making big pulls easier.

Restoration Shamans, like Discipline Priests, have great external party cooldowns, Spirit Link Totem and Healing Tide all can come in clutch in any AoE heavy damage. They don’t quite bring the same damage as a Discipline Priest or a Holy Paladin but can also provide Reincarnation, the ability to bring themselves back to life when dying.

B- Tier

Restoration Druid, Holy Priest, Mistweaver Monk

Although not as high as the tiers above them when it comes to damage, Restoration Druid can also provide its own. This is all while providing a massive amount of utility: Ursol’s Vortex to keep targets grouped, Cyclone for immediately-needed CC, Stampeding Roar for quick movement and Soothe to dispel enrages all come to mind. They are also one of the tankiest healers in the game with their Barksin and ability to turn into Bear Form and provide a much-needed combat ress— the only healer that can do so. 

As the only healer with the ability to deal with high HPS encounters, Holy Priests can keep the group alive when need be. And like Discipline Priest, they bring Power Infusion, Leap of Faith and Mind Soothe. All while having the ability to heal from death with Spirit of Redemtpion.

Mistweaver Monk, the last in this tier. They provide one of the highest raw HPS outputs in the game while also bringing their own utility. Tiger’s Lust, Leg Sweep and Ring of Peace all come in clutch depending on the situation. Add the fact that they are the highest mobility healer, it can perform well in its own right.