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NBA 2K22 Best Shot Meter Settings Explained

Photo by Virtual Concepts

NBA 2K22 comes with a lot of new Shot Meter settings that definitely add a little spice when customizing your shot.

This year, you can customize anything from the color of the shot meter all the way through the sound you hear when you hit a perfect shot.

NBA 2K22 Best Shot Meter Settings Explained

In the video above posted by QJB, you see him scroll through every color and sounds effect available in the settings for when you are attempting a shot during a game of NBA 2K22.

The color of the shot meter is one of the more important settings to customize. It can help users see when to release a shot much easier. An example of this is shown when you compare the color white versus pink. With the white meter, it is much harder to see when to release. As far as pink goes, it gives you a much clearer release point since you can see when your shot reaches that perfect middle point.

As far as sound goes, that really is just a personal choice since it has no effect on your release. I tend to choose option 29. it sounds very similar to the Twitter notification sound.

Another big option is whether or not you actually want the meter on. The meter helps many people visually see when to release a shot, but a lot of people think it may also distract you. The rule of thumb for me is that once you are used to your player's shot animation, try to turn the meter off and see if that helps you. If it does not, then turn it back on.

There is no perfect settings layout, but there are definitely ways to mess around with the settings and see what makes you more comfortable. If you feel good about the settings you have, then you will most likely get better with time.