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New Apex Legends Arena Map Overflow Revealed

New Apex Legends Arena map, Overflow
New Apex Legends Arena map, Overflow / Photo by Respawn

Apex Legends' Thrillseeker event is set to release this month. To go with this new event, a new Apex Legends Arena map has been revealed.

The launch of the Thrillseekers event will occur immediately after the Genesis Collection Event. this means Apex Legends players are in for a treat when it comes to content.

Arriving in Apex Legends’ Season 9 update, the Arena game mode is a new 3v3 game mode where players compete in a fast-paced, short rounds in which they have to defeat the enemies on the other team. The game mode contains a buy system ala tactical FPS; it all takes place inside confined maps. 

New Apex Legends Arena Map Revealed

Just a few short hours ago, Apex Legends’ official Twitter page confirmed a new map to go alongside the Thrillseekers event. 

Titled Overflow, the map takes its name very seriously as the map is surrounded by lava, making players have to think twice about their movement. The map contains tall structures that are surrounded by lava. 

Arena is very different to the normal battle royale mode Apex Legends is known for, and the game’s developers, Respawn, have taken this into account. The new Overflow map is a great way to excite players and perhaps give them a break from the normal flow.