Apex Legends

New Apex Mantle Glitch is Ruining Games

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

There's a new glitch in Apex Legends that players need to be aware of.

Apex's newest season may have only just kicked off but players have already stumbled across some potentially game ruining glitches. One in particular is preventing players from being able to mantle onto ledges, leaving them at a huge disadvantage when it comes to mobility.

The glitch seems to be triggered in a very specific way, and is rooted in the IMC Armory. Apex YouTuber Also Gaming Merchant posted a video that showed off their experience with the frustrating glitch.

Apex Legends Mantling Glitch Explained

The glitch appears to be triggered in the IMC Armory where, after taking out all of the Spectres, players can activate the switch and boost themselves into the air using the Emergency Exit ramp. As Also Gaming Merchant explains, this usually allows players to fly up into the air and reposition themselves without issue.

But, sometimes after flying up into the air and landing, players will then find themselves unable to hoist themselves (or mantle) up onto ledges. "No matter how hard you try you cannot mantle ledges, and it WILL get you killed," the YouTuber said.

It's unclear why the ramp seems to trigger this glitch. Players might not even realize that the Armory is the cause, making this a particularly nasty little bug.

Until this glitch gets fixed, players are advised not to boost themselves up into the air this way unless they really have no other choice. It could just be the one thing that loses you the match.