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New Espers Coming in Dislyte May 31 Update

Image courtesy of LilithGames

A new update for the brand new mobile game Dislyte is coming tomorrow, and with it brand new playable characters, or Espers, will be available to be unlocked and used. Here's all your information on these new Espers that will be making their way into Dislyte very soon.

Dislyte New Espers

Dislyte is a new mobile RPG set in a music-infused urban fantasy setting. Players collect and build teams of Mythical Espers to take on the challenges present in the world of Dislyte. A new update and new Espers will be coming to Dislyte on May 31. These new Espers will be based on Egyptian mythology. Here are the four new Espers on the way, and what we know about them.


Ollie is a support Esper who gains his powers from the Egyptian god of the underworld, Osiris. Keeping with that theme, many of his skills revolve around protecting or reviving allies and keeping them in the fight.


Laura, like Ollie, will be a support Esper for players to use. However, her skills are much more about tanking and protecting allies from receiving damage rather than healing or reviving them.


Nicole is yet another Esper support drawing on Egyptian mythology, and her skills strike a balance between Ollie and Laura. Nicole is able to both heal and revive allies, as well as take damage in their place.


The fourth new Esper, and fourth new support coming to Dislyte, Meredith works reasonably differently from her counterparts in the update. She is able to steal life from enemies, and use that to help heal allies in addition to some shielding capabilities.

Ollie will be a five star Esper, and the other three new Espers are rumored to be four stars. Some are also confirmed to receive bonuses to their draw percentages for players to obtain. Keep an eye out for these four when the update drops!