New Lootbin Type Appears in Apex Legends Leak

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal revealed a new loot bin type via data mining Thursday, indicating it could arrive in-game in the near future.

Supply bins are used by players to find loot. While there are other sources you can use to find rewards throughout the game, such as through supply drops, supply bins are found all throughout the map. They usually include two or three items ranging from consumables to gear.

"New lootbin type added to the files: Smart Lootbin," Shrugtal wrote on Twitter. "Should give you loot based on what you need, looking at your current loadout."

With this new addition, players will be given loot that applies to them instead of randomized items. This adds an advantage to your game, as you will gain more objects that apply to your loadout.

Some players are skeptical of this, though. Multiple users replied to Shrugtal's Twitter announcement with questions about how this will impact Lifeline's Ultimate ability.

Lifeline's main draw is her healing abilities, but her ultimate ability is another important part of her kit. The ability lets her summon a dropped care package that provides a teams with three varying item slots, all pertaining to their loadouts. While there are no supply drop weapons included in Lifeline's care packages, there are other items. These include:

• Slot 1: An Evo Shield, Helmet, Knockdown Shield, or Body Shield
• Slot 2: Shield Cells, Shield Batteries, Syringes, Med Kits, Mobile Respawn Beacons, Heat Shields, and Phoenix Kits.
• Slot 3: Weapon Attachments

Since the smart loot bin also includes items personalized to your loadout, there would be a diminished need for Lifeline's Ultimate ability. Twitter user Drax stated, "they'd have to completely change her ult."

Even though this seems to be a popular opinion, other players are coming to Lifeline's side and saying that it will only make her stronger. By adding another loot bin to the game with similar effects, it may make her abilities more desirable.

For now, Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm the coming advent of smart loot bins.