New Skins Leaked for New Apex Legends Events: War Games, Chinatown Market, Golden Week

Lifeline, Long-Range, Lethal
Lifeline, Long-Range, Lethal / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Arts

With Chaos Theory just days old, new skins have already been leaked for new Apex Legends events: War Games, Chinatown Market, and Golden Week. These are all leaks found by data miners, well ahead of Season 9, so it's important to remember that nothing is confirmed yet.

That being said, here's a look at all the Legend skins leaked for these supposed upcoming events. These skins were all found by either Shrugtal or Sanguine, two reliable dataminers in the Apex community.

New Skins Leaked for New Apex Legends Events: War Games, Chinatown Market, Golden Week

At this time, there is no information about these events that we can share with you. The details are still surrounded in mystery, but as soon as we hear something we will share it with you. These skins will be listed with their supposed corresponding event.

1. Leaked Mirage Edition skin

This skin is not from an event, but rather the Mirage edition of the game. This has not been announced yet either, but is most likely planned for the future.

Just like previous Apex Legend game editions, this will probably come with a weapon skin, Apex Coins, and of course the Legend Skin, all for a fixed price.

2. Leaked War Games Event Skins

War Games will most likely be the next event following Chaos Theory, and the skins bring to life the heart and soul of the "Apex Games". If these are true, then we have some fantastic looking options on the way.

3. Leaked Chinatown Market Skins

Inspiration from the apparel brand, these skins seem to be a crossover between Chinatown Market and Apex Legends.

4. Leaked Golden Week Skins

This event is slated to start the last week of Season 8, closing out the season in style. According to the data miners, both the Golden Week and Chinatown Market skins will be available in bundles.

No dates have been announced for these skins yet, but all are expected to be live in Season 8.