New Trick in Valorant Allows for Near-Perfect Accuracy on Stinger and Bulldog

A new in-game mechanic gives near-perfect shots for the Stinger and Bulldog in Valorant | Photo by Riot Games
A new in-game mechanic gives near-perfect shots for the Stinger and Bulldog in Valorant | Photo by Riot Games /

A new trick has been found that gives players almost perfect accuracy for the Stinger and Bulldog weapons in Valorant when shooting in quick bursts.

The trick was discovered by Jakub "Lothar" Szygulski, a Polish streamer and caster under the G2 Esports brand. How it works is a player toggles the scope button on the Aim Down Sights (ADS) and immediately fires in quick bursts with either of the two guns, then, a player would have to exit the ADS sights right after shooting. By repeating the process of quickly ADS aiming, shooting, and exiting the sights over and over, the mechanic will give very accurate shots.

For what Lothar calls the mechanic the "quick burst," he claims that it is "insanely accurate" when firing. And in the video where he demonstrates how to perform the quick burst, it is seemingly lethal.

"This essentially gives your Stinger and Bulldog 100% accuracy while trying also to peek corners," Lothar said in the demonstration.

Though the mechanic seemingly works for both the Bulldog and Stinger, Lothar noted that players trying this would have to aim at two different heights to the recoil and spray of the two guns. The Bulldog could be aimed at head level, whereas, the Stinger would need to be aimed at waist level as the spray would kick the bullets up to the head.

And although he casts the European circuit of the Valorant Champions Tour with Riot Games, he has pleaded to the developers that this mechanic can be even more broken when using a simple macro that binds both the fire and ADS scope button to left-click on the mouse. When doing so, the time to scope and fire using the quick burst mechanic is perfect and better to do than alternating between right and left clicks.

Whether or not Riot Games' developers will honor his request or keep it until it gets widely abused is currently unknown, and this is not necessarily a game-breaking exploit - like KAY/O having 850 HP - as even a simple and game-legal macro can be used to do it. However, this has not stopped some professional players from trying it out themselves, even in a live match.

There are currently no fixes for this at the moment, and if professionals can do it, so can regular players.