New World Invasion: How Does it Work?

Invasion is the largest PvE experience New World has to offer.
Invasion is the largest PvE experience New World has to offer. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

The New World Invasion game mode is something that all seasoned players of the new MMORPG should have on their radars.

For those looking for the largest PvE experiences Aeternum has to offer, here is a breakdown of Invasions in New World.

New World Invasion: How Does it Work?

Invasion is a late-game Player-versus-Environment (PvE) mode that invites 50 high-level players to defend a fort from massive waves of Corrupted. Ultimately, the goal is to survive for eight rounds, which amounts to about 30 minutes for those strong and coordinated enough to last that long.

To join a team of 50 for an Invasion in New World, players must either be the Governor of the territory being invaded — who can also invite any 10 players they wish — or sign up for it one day in advance at the Settlement's Town Board. As alluded to earlier, players are required to be level 50 or above in order to join the defense effort.

If selected for an Invasion, players will be notified in advance, and taken to the battle automatically when the time comes.

Upon entering the site of an impending Invasion, players will receive 50 Battle Tokens, which can be used in a brief warm-up period to purchase potions, traps and ammunition for defensive structures (e.g. Turrets, Traps, etc.) in the Armory. Players can also save the tokens, as well as earn more by killing enemies, repairing structures and healing allies.

Shortly after the preparation period ends, the Corrupted will begin spawning via portals around the fort, escalating in power with every wave.

To win, players need to defeat all eight waves of enemies or survive with the base intact until the 30-minute timer expires.

In a losing effort, the fort's facilities will be downgraded a bit and some buffs will be unavailable for a time. Additionally, the higher the level of the Settlement, the larger the penalties will be felt, but those involved will not lose control of the Settlement or Territory. It is important to note, however, that significant downgrades to a fort may leave it vulnerable to further attacks.

Regardless of if players win or lose an Invasion, participants will be rewarded with XP, Gold and loot. What depends on the result is the exact amount and value.

After the battle, the fort will restore any damaged structures. Invasions happen roughly every four days.

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