New York City Deserves the Next CS:GO Major

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans had the opportunity to tune into the fourth year of ESL One New York in late September. As someone who was fortunate enough to find themselves in the stands during both days of the event, it was a sight to behold.

Heading into the event, ESL One New York had a lot to offer. With exciting storylines like the clash between the two titans of Team Liquid and Astralis, the recent return of Evil Geniuses to Counter-Strike, and a showcase of the revamped Cache, fans tuned in from across the world in order to watch some of the most exhilarating CS:GO we've seen in a while.

At the same time, Counter-Strike's FPS rival Overwatch was showcasing the grand finals of the illustrious Overwatch League. And the CS broadcast had no problem keeping up with the Blizzard behemoth in viewership on Twitch.

And while I was just as hyped up and cheering alongside everyone else in the stands as Evil Geniuses toppled the titans on Astralis, when it all died down, all I could think was "Why don't we get a Major right here in New York?"

That might be a selfish question, but I'm not the only one that thinks there should be a Major in New York.

The crowd in the Barclays really showed that New York City can put on a show. The stands exploded every time a jaw-dropping play was miraculously pulled off or with something as simple as a fan favorite team getting an eco frag.

Everyone in the crowd was craving for action that they popped off even when some random fan just decided to stack popcorn buckets on his head.

In the past, other esports have held their largest events in hustle and bustle of NYC with resounding success. For example, if you aren't able to imagine how the crowd in the Barclays Center would translate to Counter-Strike's biggest event of the year, just listen in as the London Spitfire win the Grand Finals of the Overwatch League's Inaugural Season in front of hordes of cheering Overwatch fans back last July.

Riot Games has come to NYC twice in recent years for major League of Legends events. The NA LCS summer finals took place at Madison Square Garden in 2015, and the semifinals of the League of Legends Worlds Championship were held there in 2016.

NA LCS Finals 2015 (Courtesy of Riot Games)
NA LCS Finals 2015 (Courtesy of Riot Games) /

If League of Legends can fill MSG, why couldn't CS:GO?

Now is a better time than ever for a New York CS:GO Major, especially since the professional scene is ripe for another Major in the United States. With Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid ranking in the top four of HLTV's rankings, North American teams have perhaps never been stronger.

North America has yet to be crowned as the uncontested prevailing region in CS:GO, but it would be quite the capstone to such a storyline if Liquid or EG won a Major in New York City, which has already proven itself to produce some of the best events in all of esports.

Home to an arena as legendary as Madison Square Garden, a Major in New York City could bring in an even greater crowd than what we saw at ESL One. Fans would definitely not be afraid to make a pilgrimage to the "Mecca" if it means witnessing Counter-Strike history.

Looking back at the ELEAGUE Boston Major, the only time a North American team won, I can only imagine what another Major victory for an NA team would look like on home soil as fans here still hunger to see their region solidify themselves as the strongest region in CS:GO.

In the spirit of New York and Boston's classic sports rivalry, I bet that we can do it even bigger and better here in the Big Apple. Not only has New York proven that it deserves a Major, but Counter-Strike is ready for it.

Photo Courtesy of ESL