Next Apex Legends Map Seemingly Teased in Seer Short

"Have you spent any time doing philanthropy work on Boreas?"
"Have you spent any time doing philanthropy work on Boreas?" / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It appears Respawn Entertainment has dropped a not-so-subtle hint regarding where the next Apex Legends map may take place.

Although Season 13 of Apex Legends, titled Saviors, isn't slated to finish until August, it seems Respawn has started to leave some intriguing cookie crumbs for those in the community who have been steadily keeping up with the game's detailed lore.

On July 13, a day before its Gaiden Event announcements, the Apex Legends Twitter account mysteriously dropped a perhaps unsuspecting 4-minute-long short of Seer (aka Obi Edolasim) taking a rare, exclusive interview with Outlands TV's Lisa Stone.

About a minute in, however, things start to get heated as Stone begins grilling the Ambush Artist with questions suspiciously inspired by her producer's "last minute notes."

As has been shared with Seer's background over the seasons, the pale-blue-eyed Boreas-native was notably considered a cursed child by the other locals growing up after a meteor barreled across the sky and struck his world’s moon on the night he was born.

"It's no fable that the moon's destruction has led to increasingly devastating weather patterns," Stone says in the video, "dying ecosystems and a shortage of food, among other catastrophes for the citizens of Boreas. According to a recent poll, a growing number of them list you as the reason for these disasters. How does that make you feel?"

After continuing to ask Seer if he sees himself "above the criticism" and whether or not he's spent any time doing philanthropy work on Boreas, it appears Stone gets the result she wanted.

"You have given me a lot to think about," Seer said.

Ultimately, this all seems to suggest that the next map in Apex Legends will take place in a setting having to do with Seers' homeworld Boreas and its shattered moon Cleo.

This appears to line up with a leak that emerged back in February, which seemingly revealed in-development gameplay of a moon map titled "#MP_RR_Divided_Moon" at the time.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially confirm plans for the next Apex Legends map.