NICKMERCS Shows Off 'Strongest' Weapon in Apex Legends Season 13

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Streamer NICKMERCS shows off some of the strongest weapons in Apex Legends Season 13. It's no doubt that in Apex Legends there are some great weapons and some not-so-good ones. But what are those guns that the pros are using at the highest level?

NICKMERCS has always been a reliable source when it comes to rating weapons. Back when Call of Duty: Warzone was the top FPS game, NICKMERCS would always come out with videos rating the weapons. Now he is doing the same but this time in Apex Legends.

In his video titled, I Used the Strongest Gun in Apex Legends, NICKMERCS used VK-47 Flatline and the C.A.R. SMG on his way to another win. But are these guns really two of the best in the game? The short answer, is yes.

Both the Flatline and the C.A.R. are two of the game's best weapons. The C.A.R. has a special feature that causes more players to pick it up. The gun has the ability to change between light or heavy ammunition. The Flatline does not have the same ability as the C.A.R., in its place is the ability to change between full and semi-automatic.

The Flatline has proven to be one of the best guns in the game. Combined with the right scope, the Flatline can tear opponents apart from distance or can be used efficiently at medium range. Doing 18 damage to the body and with the typical Assualt Rifle damage multiplier of x1.75 for a headshot, the Flatline is one of the hardest hitting and most reliable weapons in all of Apex Legends.

As Apex Legends is always changing, The Flatline and The C.A.R. may not always be the game's top weapons. But for now, these two remain two of the most reliable weapons in the game.