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Noelle Genshin Impact Build Explained

courtesy of miHoYo

Noelle is a Geo character in Genshin Impact who builds as the Main DPS of the team. Although she is best used as DPS, her shields are decent to be a support as well because of her shields. This article will explore the standard build for Noelle, including her best weapons and artifacts.

Noelle is one of the four characters whose Hangout has been added in the recent patch. With her rose-themed maid outfit and the contradicting masculine claymore weapon, Noelle is not only an S tier DPS but an S tier for her popularity in Genshin Impact. She has great potential to do damage despite being a defense-based character with her shield. The shield, in fact, is the key to her build and increasing her damage.

Noelle Genshin Impact Build

Noelle is structured to be a tanky champion with her elemental skill that gives a shield and healing as well as her statistics. Yet her elemental burst can be extremely powerful when her elemental burst boosts both her attack and defense stats as well as converting her normal attacks into Geo attacks. With her fourth hit knock-up and the elemental burst, Noelle has great potential as a main DPS.

However, her weakness includes that she has low base damage and relies heavily on her build of weapons and artifacts. It is important for Noelle to upgrade her Constellations and to have the right set of items ready for her to go.

Noelle Weapons

The Unforged
The Unforged

The typical weapon for Noelle is The Unforged. This is one of the newest five-star weapons that can be obtained through Wishes only. The claymore provides increased shield strength by 20% and gains a 100% attack increase when is using a shield. This is perfect for Noelle because her elemental skill is creating a shield, and this shield is also automatically triggered when her health is dropped below 30%.

Alternative weapons include the Bell, giving bonus HP and shields, and the Whiteblind, giving bonus defense stats and increased attack and defense.

Noelle Artifact Set

The recommended artifact set for Noelle is the Retracing Bolide. Two pieces of Retracing Bolide provides 35% in shield strength, and four pieces trigger an additional 40% normal and charged attack damage when protected by a shield. Noelle is the only character who is fully capable to equip this artifact so far. It provides her good shields and a great opportunity to become more active as a defensive player.

Alternative artifacts include the Tenacity of the Millenlith, which gives bonus HP and increased shield strength, or the Gladiator's Finale, which gives bonus attack damage.