Norra League of Legends: Who is Norra?

courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends players are suspecting the possibility of Norra, Yuumi's owner, to join the game as the upcoming champion.

In the 2021 road map for League of Legends revealed in January, we were told that three new champions will be joining the game. First was Viego, the Ruined King, and next was Gwen, the doll of Viego's wife.

We have two more champions coming up, a marksman and a Yordle. First up is the non-traditional marksman and the Yordle will be coming next. Today we will be focusing on the last champion of the year and the possibility of her being Norra, Yuumi's lost owner.

In this article, we will discuss who Norra is, as well as information about the Upcoming Yordle we know so far.

Norra Lague of Legends: Who is Norra?

Norra made her first appearance in Yuumi's biography. She is described to be yordle enchantress who lives in "a cottage nestled between the verdant trees." She loved exploring and had the ability to create portals. Norra and her cat Yuumi would "gleefully" move from portal to portal.

We all know the ending of this story. Yuumi came home to find Norra missing and the cat has been on a journey to find her.

Upcoming League of Legends Champion: A Gloomy Yordle

How does Norra relate to the upcoming Yordle?

Based on the roadmap this year, there are surprisingly various factors they have in common. Let us go through each of them.

1. Portals

courtesy of Riot Games

The most notable similarity is that both champions are related to portals. The illustration above was shown during the description of the upcoming Yordle. We see a portal open from Vandal city to Shadow's Isle. Norra has also "opened a portal" herself. This is the strongest evidence that Norra is the new Yordle champion. Being able to open a portal is probably related to one of the champion's skills.

2. Yordle

Yordle Teaser Illustration revealed
Yordle Teaser Illustration revealed / courtesy of Riot Games

As we know, the new champion is a mage Yordle. This is not directly mentioned but based on the fact that she is originally from Bandle city and her revealed illustration has a short height, her being a Yordle is a logical guess. Yuumi's biography also mentions that Norra is a Yordle.

3. Gender

Tristana and LuLu are female Yordle champions
Tristana and LuLu are female Yordle champions / courtesy of Riot Games

Yuumi's biography refers to Norra as a "her." Ryan Mireles, the lead producer of the champion team, also says that "she would choose anything over that colorful, horrible, bright place."

4. Geographical Location

courtesy of League of Legends

The last common factor between Norra and the new Yordle is that they both don't like being around people. Norra lives deep in the woods, a cottage that cannot be spotted easily. She prefers to be alone, or with her cat only. The new champion has a gloomy personality who dislikes the bright, colorful Bandle city. This is not a statement that loners are gloomy, but both personas refused to live in Bandle City and choose to not be with too much company.

Based on these four pieces of evidence, we can expect Norra to be the new mage Yordle coming this year. There is already a Norramains Reddit page with over 150 members.

Could Norra be the new Yordle champion? Since her release has been postponed by the marksman, we will have to wait a while for more information.