Only Up Creator Removes Game From Steam

Things aren't looking good for Only Up!
Things aren't looking good for Only Up! / SCKR Games

SCKR Games' Only Up! got plenty of attention upon its release on May 24. The rage-inducing platformer quickly gained traction on Twitch and Steam, reaching an all-time peak of 11,239 players on the platform and 279,642 views on the streaming service.

With numbers like these, you'd think Only Up! would stick around for a while. However, the developer decided to retire the Steam game due to stress. More details about SCKR Games' future are below.

Only Up Creator Removes Game From Steam

SCKR Games made an official announcement on Sept. 6 via Steam about the choice to remove the game. In it, the developer admitted Only Up! is his first experience in game development, and he has made mistakes in the process. Furthermore, Only Up! has caused a lot of stress for the developer, who would like to "put the game behind [him]."

This isn't the first time Only Up! was taken off Steam. It was removed from the platform in June for ownership reasons involving The Anime Girl. In this case, a digital artist named Kevin (aka Aboulicious) revealed he didn't give SCKR Games permission to use the asset in the indie game. After everything was sorted out, Only Up! was put back on Steam in July.

Though Only Up! won't return this time, SCKR Games said another game is in store. The developer stated he'll continue his education in game design and put what he learns toward a new title, Kith. He elaborated, saying the game will be completely different from Only Up!, with a focus on cinematography.