Here's How Many Cheaters Have Been Banned in MW3 So Far

Here's how many cheaters got banned in MW3 so far.
Here's how many cheaters got banned in MW3 so far. / Activision

Since the COD MW3 launch, over 23,000 cheaters have been banned in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Cheaters have been a major problem in Call of Duty for years. In fact, the state of the game got so bad in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 era that Ranked Play was almost unplayable for many professional players and content creators. The Top 250 Leaderboard was full of hackers who seemingly suffered zero consequences for blatantly walling or aimbotting.

Warzone has faced many of the same issues dating back to Verdansk. There have been plenty of viral clips showing some of the game's biggest streamers dying in absurd ways, sometimes even in tournaments. Fortunately, it looks like the developers have stepped up since the release of MW3 and Urzikstan to eliminate as many cheaters from the game as possible.

Over 23,000 Cheaters Banned Since COD MW3 Launch

In a recent, surprising statement, the Call of Duty developers revealed they banned over 23,000 accounts for cheating since Nov. 12, 2023, and they have no intention of slowing down.

Team RICHOCET assured players, "We'll be monitoring and enforcing throughout the holidays. Cheaters get a lump of coal."

With an influx of players back on Call of Duty throughout the holiday season excited experience CODMAS, the game's anti-cheat software will be in full effect. Although eradicating the servers of cheaters feels like an impossible task, it is good to know the developers are actively fighting against the players ruining the game.

In addition to the wave of bans, the announcement revealed that "new Machine Learning detections" have been deployed to more efficiently catch cheaters on Warzone and MW3. Plus, players who are caught hacking before deploying into Urzikstan now will have their parachute cut as soon as the game begins. In fact, SPLAT was activated over 2,000 times since the new technology launched.

We expect to receive more statistics after the holidays conclude and 2024 unfolds.