Overwatch 2 Adds Damage Mitigation to Scoreboard

Overwatch 2 hopes to better credit under-appreciated hero categories.
Overwatch 2 hopes to better credit under-appreciated hero categories. / Courtesy of Blizzard

In an attempt to better illustrate the effects of non-damage heroes in-game, Blizzard has added a new stat called Damage Mitigated to Overwatch 2's scoreboard.

Damage Mitigated, shown in-game as MIT, replaces the Damage Blocked statistic from the first game. Where that stat only counted damage blocked by player-created shields, Damage Mitigated also keeps track of damage prevented by abilities that reduce damage taken without completely negating it.

This change will help to highlight the contributions of heroes like Orisa and Ana, whose Fortify and Nano Boost abilities both grant 50% damage reductions. Blizzard also names Lúcio's Sound Barrier as a Damage Mitigated contributor that will be incorporated in future updates to the feature.

The introduction of a scoreboard in Overwatch 2 is already a departure from the first game, which would only highlight players who led different performance categories such as time on the objective. Players remain divided on whether the feature is a net positive on the game.

The arrival of the June 28 beta also brought the Junker Queen to the game alongside myriad balance changes. See the full list of new additions here.

This round of beta testing lasts until July 18, and Overwatch 2 arrives in full Oct. 4.