Overwatch 2 Beta June 16 Wish List: 5 Things We Want

Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch 2's first beta came and went, and the second one has been loaded in the chamber for June 16th. Fortunately, the community has been more than willing to give Blizzard as much feedback as it could regarding the multiple issues surrounding the game. Now we're doing our part. Here are five new things we want in the new and improved beta.

Overwatch 2 Beta June 16 Wish List: 5 Things We Want

5. Better matchmaking

The first beta had plenty of issues, but outside of the broken characters, and lack of new mechanics, the biggest problems came from the long load times and poor performance. The priority for this new beta needs to be maximum efficiency, so as many players can test the game out as much possible.

4. Return of Stuns

Courtesy of Blizzard

One of the more noticeable changes to the beta was the lack of stun mechanics, severely altering heroes like Mcree, Brigitte, and of course Mei. While stuns could be annoying, they weren't such a huge issue that Blizzard needed to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They needed balancing, absolutely, but the stun mechanics were useful and made the heroes fun and engaging. I'm all for nerfing stuns — Mei was infuriating to play against at launch — but their removal is a step too far.

3. More Game Modes

This one is a bit unlikely, as the timeline is a bit short to put in a brand new mode, but it would be nice to show on a roadmap. The Push game mode is a good addition, if a bit similar to Escort, but could really use some variety. Adding in unique game modes not centered around the same 5-v-5 formula would be fun, like a 12-v-12 huge battle mode, or a 6-v-6 capture the flag mode.

2. Adding Some Sort of Competitive Mode

A competitive mode was one of the biggest features requested in the previous beta. It is easy to understand why Blizzard didn't add a professional mode to a game still in beta, but there needs to be some sort of incentive to keep playing. Players would often quit the game out of sheer boredom, as matches had no stake besides getting play of the game or grabbing new skins.

1. New Tank/Supports

Yeah, you all saw this one coming. I'm still unsure of what exactly went through Blizzard's mind when releasing a new game, and deciding to bring out only a single new hero, from the most bloated and oversaturated class in the game. The biggest issue facing Overwatch 2 right now is the lack of new Tanks and Supports, (and no, Doomfist being slapped with the Tank label doesn't count). While only a single Tank can be used now, the Supports still need new characters, and the Beta is the best time to bring them in, as players will (usually) give Blizzard some grace as they try to figure out how to optimize a brand new character.