Overwatch 2 Catch-A-Mari Game Mode Explained


Overwatch 2 is leaping into Spring with a new limited-time event and game mode — Catch-A-Mari.

Overwatch 2 is celebrating the month of March with Pachi-Marchi, an all-new event starring the cute Pachimari characters who first appeared in the original Overwatch. This event comes right off the heels of the One Punch Man crossover event, the first crossover ever by Overwatch.

Pachi-Marchi also features a brand new limited-time mode: Catch-A-Mari. Here's how it works.

Overwatch 2 Catch-A-Mari Game Mode Explained

According to a press release by Blizzard, Catch-A-Mari is a unique 3v3 Elimination mode, not a Capture the Flag mode as one might have initially suspected. Like the normal Elimination modes, Catch-A-Mari pits two teams of three players against one another on special small maps, where they must defeat each player on the opposing team — all of whom have just one life.

Unique to the Catch-A-Mari mode, however, is what Blizzard is calling the "elimination confirmed" mechanic. Instead of scoring when all opponents are eliminated, players must also collect dropped Pachimari toys that spawn when a foe is eliminated in order to score. If an enemy's teammate collects their toy before you, that score is negated.

Catch-A-Mari poses a unique challenge for players and includes several rewards for participating in the event, including an Epic Roadhog Skin, Pachimari cosmetics and Battle Pass XP.