Overwatch 2 Souvenirs Explained

One of the new unlockable Souvenirs in Overwatch 2.
One of the new unlockable Souvenirs in Overwatch 2. / Blizzard Entertainment

The original Overwatch made a name for itself with its vast collection of in-game cosmetics. With the long-awaited sequel Overwatch 2 launching Oct. 4 fans can expect even more and new cosmetics such as Souvenirs.

What are Souvenirs in Overwatch 2?

The first Overwatch had no shortage of customizable cosmetics for each of its 35 different heroes. Unlike the previous entry, Overwatch 2 will be a free-to-play game. This change will no doubt lead to more cosmetics to unlock or purchase including the brand new Souvenirs.

Souvenirs aim to be the most unique unlockable in the game. They can be anything from a salt shaker, to a heart, to a slice of pizza or even a trophy.

These are all 3D models and can be selected as emotes to be used in-game. One can already see how the salt shaker could be implemented above. A total of 10 souvenirs will be available for the first season of Overwatch 2. Many will be tied to the first season's battle pass but others could potentially be unlocked through as-yet unannounced means.

Other new cosmetics being added to Overwatch 2 include weapon charms, name cards and player titles. Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play beginning Oct. 4. It will launch on all platforms including previous generation consoles like the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.