Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops Explained

"Players can participate in our Twitch Drops program to earn Beta access by watching specific Overwatch 2 PvP Beta streams."
"Players can participate in our Twitch Drops program to earn Beta access by watching specific Overwatch 2 PvP Beta streams." / Image courtesy of Blizzard

The first Overwatch 2 (OW2) PvP Beta is officially here, giving fans of Blizzard's team-based multiplayer first-person hero shooter their first taste of the long-awaited sequel's gameplay.

As initially announced back in March, this event will mark just the first of what is said to be a series of closed beta tests for OW2. In recent weeks, PC players have had the ability to head to the Overwatch website and opt-in for a chance to be included in the current beta, as well as future tests. Additionally, however, Blizzard is set to provide a more surefire way for those interested to gain access via Twitch Drops. Here's a breakdown of the Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops.

How to Earn OW2 PC Beta Twitch Drops

This first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta began on April 26 at 2 p.m. ET and is scheduled to run through May 17 (date subject to change based on testing needs).

For those on PC who are located in one of the participating regions, you are qualified to participate in Blizzard's Twitch Drops program to earn beta access by watching specific Overwatch 2 PvP Beta streams under the Overwatch category during defined time windows.

The "very limited-time campaign" for players to get access to this first beta test will take place solely on Wednesday, April 27, from 1 p.m ET to 9 p.m ET.

Viewers will need to tune in to watch any of a select group of streamers broadcasting the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta under the Overwatch category. You will be eligible for Twitch drops after watching any participating channel for four hours. Your watch time will accrue no matter what stream you are watching as long as they're one of the 200+ streamers partnered with Blizzard.

To be able to make progress for the Twitch Drops, those interested must link their Battle.net account with their Twitch account. While it’s not necessary to install Overwatch, which is about 20 GB, doing so is said to "may reduce download and install times for the beta build."

On Twitch, you will get a notification once you've received a drop, which should then be claimed on the platform within 24 hours. After redeeming/claiming a drop, you will then gain access to the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta and will need to install the game version on the Battle.net Launcher.

Here are the download instructions for those who claim a Twitch Drop and receive access: 

  1. Log in using the Battle.net account that you synced with Twitch
  2. Click the Overwatch icon located at the top of the Battle.net Launcher homepage
  3. Navigate to the Game Version drop-down menu located at the bottom left of the Overwatch game page
  4. Select Overwatch 2 Technical Beta, install, and press the blue Play button to start

For those who don’t get into the PvP Beta initially or via the drops program, Blizzard has said that they soon will have more information on how to gain access to future betas.