Overwatch Dev Update: 3 Things Fans Want in the January Update

3 Things Fans Want in the January Developer Update
3 Things Fans Want in the January Developer Update / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

An Overwatch dev update is on the way after game director Jeff Kaplan wrote on the Overwatch forums eight days ago to tell fans what was coming soon. "We recently recorded a developer update. it is scheduled to come out toward the end of the month," Kaplan wrote. "We’ll try to do them more frequently."

With the new update coming at the end of January, fans are impatiently awaiting to see if they will get what they want from the update. Here is what fans are hoping to see.

Overwatch Developer Update Wishlist January 2020

1. A New Hero

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

The last developer update featured the addition of the new hero Sigma, so this bodes well for those hoping to see the addition of Hero 32 in the new developer update. If the addition of Hero 32 is announced, it could be Mauga who claims the role. He has been teased numerous times and would be the best fit. But with Overwatch 2 casting a large shadow over the game, don't be surprised if he is saved until its release.

2. Hero Bans

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Fans have had mixed feelings about the development of hero bans, which would give players the ability to ban a hero from being played in a match. Some believe it would add new variety to the game, while others think it will ruin the game as some players will no longer want to play if they cannot play as their favorite hero. Whatever the case, Kaplan gave people doubt when he spoke on his and his colleagues reluctance to add hero bans in the Overwatch forums, making the odds of hero bans in the new developer update slim.

3. Role Queue Changes

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

The role queue introduced a new way of choosing heros, where players now must choose Tank, Damage, or Support and select a character from whichever they picked. The change made it so matches must feature a 2-2-2 system, where there is two heroes from each class and no more. Players found that this was ineffective and have posted to forums and such asking for a 1-3-2 system with one tank, three damage specialists, and two support characters. With Kaplan having discussed another role queue change before, it is the most likely update to come in the new developer update.