Overwatch in Smash Bros: 5 Characters We'd Like to See

The thought of Overwatch characters in Super Smash Bros creates excitement for many fans, and the characters we'd like to see are probably in the same vein as the rest of the fans. There are a lot of obvious picks and with this new Blizzard and Nintendo partnership happening with the Switch; it's pretty obvious what the next step will be. Nintendo hasn't be shy about adding non-Nintendo characters to their Smash Bros. roster before. After all, Jeff Kaplan has basically offered the whole franchise for them to take a pick.

Here's our top five heroes we'd like to see make the jump from Overwatch to Smash Bros.

Overwatch in Smash Bros Characters We'd Like to See

1. Tracer

Tracer is a solid, straightforward choice to put into Smash. She's the poster child for the game, mascot of the franchise, with catchy lines and a clear implication for how she would fit. Who doesn't want to see a Smash Ultimate of Tracer turning back time to completely restore her heal or do some kind of warp damage to her enemies?

2. Doomfist

Another solid and obvious choice, as Doomfist's combat in Overwatch has clear implications for a game like Smash. We already have characters who run around punching people in the face. Implementing a melee titan like Doomfist shouldn't be too difficult.

3. Reinhardt

Reinhardt would be fun purely because it's amusing to see people underestimate the length of his charge. It doesn't matter as much in Overwatch, but most Smash stages are elevated so you can be knocked into the abyss. Sure, you caught Kirby on your way to the edge of the stage, but because that animation is pretty much locked, you've also sent yourself careening over the ledge. Kirby can fly. Can you?

4. Genji

Smash is no stranger to characters wielding katanas, so Genji shouldn't be a stretch. Having Genji zip up and down walls, hurling blades and carving enemies in half would be awesome. They might have to alter his ultimate a bit to affect more of the stage, but there's a lot of potential here that could be appealing to Nintendo when they start flipping through the roster.

5. Ashe

Why aren't there any cowboys in Smash? You'd think a free-for-all brawl-style game would attract some wild western types. Ashe would be a lot of fun filling this role, considering her two main attacks are throwing sticks of dynamite and summoning Bob. Imagine, halfway through the stage, Ashe activates her Smash ultimate and it's just a haywire Bob traipsing up and down a stage. Maybe, this way, he'd finally be useful. One can hope, right?

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment