Overwatch SR Ranks: Competitive Thresholds for Each Rank

Overwatch SR Ranks are important to keep track of for those who want to hit that legendary Top 500 status.

Currently available on the Public Test Region servers for Overwatch is the role queue competitive beta, where players can test out a new version of competitive play that will soon be hitting the live servers.

With role queue coming closer and closer to live release, more players are going to be interested in playing competitive Overwatch. As such, here is some information regarding competitive ranks that you may want to know before starting.

Competitive Overwatch has its own ELO system with a hidden MMR. The goal of the system is to group players of similar skill level into a fair and balanced match. With role queue, there will be two tanks, two damage, and two supports on each team for the most structured gameplay possible. When playing games of Overwatch, you will gain or lose SR based upon whether you win or lose the match respectively.

In Competitive Overwatch, there are a total of seven ranks. From lowest rank to highest, these skill tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. Each rank has its own SR threshold, and you can be promoted or demoted in rank if you go beyond your current SR threshold. Additionally, for the 500 highest ranked players in a certain region, you can achieve a special skill icon referred to as Top 500. These players generally tend to be mid to high Grandmaster in rank.

The SR Thresholds for each of the ranks is as following:

  • Bronze: 1 - 1499 SR
  • Silver: 1500 - 1999 SR
  • Gold: 2000 - 2499 SR
  • Platinum: 2500 - 2999 SR
  • Diamond: 3000 - 3499 SR
  • Master : 3500 - 3999 SR
  • Grandmaster: 4000 - 5000 SR

Coming with role queue is role-based SR. This means that you can have completely different ranks for each roles that you play. For instance, you could be ranked as a Gold player in support, but you might be Diamond in tank or damage.

Before role queue is released to the live servers, be sure to check out our five must pick heroes for role queue in competitive Overwatch.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard