Overwatch Support Tier List August 2021

Overwatch players are hoping to learn which heroes will make their mark this August 2021.
Overwatch players are hoping to learn which heroes will make their mark this August 2021. / Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch players are hoping to learn which heroes will make their mark this August 2021.

Tier lists can be crucial to practice decision-making. After all, why would a player want to invest hours and hours of playtime into a pick that will still just underperform? This can be crucial for support tier heroes, especially, as they sport not only the smallest pool but also carry what could be the largest weight on the team.

Support heroes are meant to provide a lifeline to their team—healing wounds, boosting damage for a critical push, and occasionally providing some crowd control against the enemy team. This puts them in a unique position of leadership being uniquely responsible for setting up the majority of plays.

Overwatch Support Tier List August 2021

We’ve broken up this tier-list according to which heroes we predict will perform the best in-game according to composition, popularity, and skill. Here’s our picks for the best and worst support heroes in Overwatch.


  • Ana
  • Moira

Ana’s boosting darts and sleep crowd control ability still reigns supreme in Overwatch. Boosted Reinhardt—or any tank, for that matter—has the potential to knockdown any team, making Ana a red flag almost immediately. The only saving grace is that performing a perfect team wipe takes communication, coordination, and skill.

Moira’s mobility, extremely short cooldowns, and sheer healing protential makes her a sight to behold on any team. She tends to be a common pick in competitive play for these reasons as she is able to provide consistent health regeneration and potential for recovery or regroup.

Together, these two are terrifying.


  • Lucio
  • Mercy

Mercy, while still useful, can potentially be outdone by others all categories except one: hero revivial. Mercy’s mass revive can turn the tide of any match by bringing her fallen teammates back from the brink for one final push against their enemies on the point. Keeping an eye on a Mercy’s ult-meter never goes out of fashion.

Lucio, on the other hand, is the most mobile support in the game. His strength not only lies in sharing that mobility with his team, but also being able to provide a bit of cover for more squishy damage dealers or support picks. Lucio can step into the front line and “boop” opponents off precariously placed positions or simply keep them a healthy distance from a player in crisis.


  • Brigitte
  • Baptiste

Brigitte is essentially a tougher Lucio without the primary healing capabilities. We love Brig, sure, but she’s always suffered from a crisis of identity at Blizzard’s hands. Being originally conceived as a squire for a major tank will do that, we suppose. Either way, Brig can still function as a decent support, just more for tanks than damage dealers.

Baptiste is the opposite. He is best used on the back lines, protecting fleeing teammates while checking opponents who overstep. A Baptiste is a reminder to cover your flank and make sure you are never caught with your pants down chasing someone back to spawn.


  • Zenyatta

Poor Zenyatta has been at the bottom of the peckin order for some time now. His days of popularity are long since over. With better picks now available, Zen’s Orbs of Harmony and Discord can be outlasted, out maneuvered, and eventually leave him vulnerable to death. After all, if he can’t provide matching support for his team against the enemy, there are few alternatives for how a match will end.

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