Overwatch Tank Tier List December 2021

Overwatch Tank Tier List December 2021
Overwatch Tank Tier List December 2021 / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

December's tier list for Overwatch is finally available, and Tanks are, as usual, the ones most players are interested in.

Check out this month's tier list below, and if you're curious about lists for other roles, you can find support here and DPS here.

Overwatch Tank Tier List December 2021


S-Tier heroes are strong characters that are frequently the best picks for any team composition and on any map. Their versatility is one of their main selling points.

1. Reinhardt

Reinhardt being at the top of the list is a staple for the Overwatch community. He's hard to beat with his barriers and strong abilities.

2. D.VA

D.VA is strong compared to most others on this list. Paired with Reinhardt on tank, her projectiles can be a force to be reckoned with.


A-Tier heroes are those that are good picks if you know how to play the characters.

3. Roadhog

Roadhog functioning like a DPS with his own healing ability makes him difficult to beat.

4. Orisa

Orisa is possibly the best hero in this bracket. She has a good enough attack ability and great shields. Paired with some others on the higher brackets, she can be deadly.

5. Zarya

Zarya's movement and ability to shield herself and her teammates in only a moment makes her very scary. All it takes is a little work to master her.


B-Tier characters are those that don't require a lot of work to master, but have a few downsides to them that makes them easy to beat.

6. Winston

Winston is a situational tank, which makes him a pick that most won't want to risk making. He requires supreme team cohesion to truly shine.

7. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball has great mobility and attacks but is easily countered in higher ranks.


C-Tier characters are those that require players to specifically be skilled with them to play them well. This means they're most played in higher ranks such as Grandmaster.

8. Sigma

Sigma's abilities can make him a very strong pick for any team, but he takes a lot of work to really get good at, which is why he's at the bottom of this list. If you're willing to put in the effort, then he can be great.