Palworld Admin Commands

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Palworld has taken the world by storm, earning a spot as one of the most-played games on Steam. In this unhinged version of Pokémon, players must collect and use creatures called Pals to survive and explore the Palpagos Islands. Players can also create private servers where they can play with their friends. The commands below will make server control effortless.

Palworld Admin Commands

Commands that make gameplay easier, like spawning resources or making players powers, aren't available yet. The ones known are those used for controlling server activity. These are all Palworld Admin commands as of writing:

  • /Save: Saves your world's progress and data.
  • /Info: Displays the server’s information.
  • /DoExit: Closes the current server.
  • /Shutdown{Second}{Message Text}: Shuts the server down after the time you put under “Seconds.”
  • /ShowPlayers: Displays all active players in the server.
  • /KickPlayer{Steam ID}: Lets you kick a particular player out of a server.
  • /BanPlayer(Steam ID}: Lets you ban a player from a server
  • /TeleportToPlayer{Steam ID}: Teleports you to a player.
  • /TeleportToMe(Steam ID}: Teleporta a particular player to you.
  • /Broadcast{MessageText}: Displays a message to every player on the server.

How to Use Palworld Admin Commands

You have to use a Palworld server to use Admin commands. As the name suggests, you must be an Admin to use the commands.

If you didn't create the server yourself, you'll have to get the password to the server to become an Admin. Once you've got the server password, type "/adminpassword PASSWORD" in the chat window. You'll receive a message stating you've become the Admin.

After that, all you have to do is type any of the commands above in the text chat window to activate them.

How to Unban Someone on a Palworld Server

According to Game8, there's no unban command for Palworld right now. You must edit the banlist.txt file to let someone rejoin a server. Access the file on your PC by going to steamapps > common > PalServer > Pal/Saved > SaveGames > banlist.txt.