Paranormal Tales Playable Platforms


Paranormal Tales, a new psychological horror game based on body-cam footage, was just announced. But what platforms will it be playable on?

An announcement trailer featuring gameplay footage was released on Tuesday. Mirroring the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, the game involves traversing through body-cam footage that can sometimes prove deadly for the viewer. Its Steam page adds that there are multiple found-footage files to look through in the game, all telling "greatly different stories for the player to experience". Tasked with finding out what happened to each person in each file, the game capitalizes on its immersive audio and visual experience to show the player the true horrors of its environment.

Paranormal Tales Playable Platforms

As of its initial announcement trailer, it appears that Paranormal Tales will be an exclusive PC release through Steam. In the details of the game, the use of Unreal Engine 5 is highlighted to emphasize the game's dedication to visual quality. While not much else is known about the game now, developers have promised more insight into its development and upcoming release in the near future.

Pricing is not yet available, but Paranormal Tales can be wishlisted on Steam for those looking to be notified of its release.