Paranormal Tales Release Date Information


Paranormal Tales, a new psychological horror game, was announced just in time for Halloween. Here's what we know about its upcoming release.

Based on the body-cam style footage of The Blair Witch Project and the atmosphere of Hideo Kojima's P.T., Paranormal Tales revolves around looking through found footage files of people who, after a strange turn of events, go missing in different locations. In a trailer released on Tuesday, its gameplay shows footage of someone looking for their lost dog in a spooky wooded area.

Boasting hyper-realism through its use of the Unreal 5 Engine, Paranormal Tales promises complete auditory and visual immersion in each playthrough.

Paranormal Tales Release Date Information

Unfortunately, Paranormal Tales' release date hasn't been announced. While its announcement trailer and respective Steam page went live on Tuesday, not much else was revealed about its release. On the developer's Patreon, Paranormal Tales is labeled a "long-term project" made entirely by a two-person team. However, the team has promised to share more details as time goes on.

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