Pathfinder: War of the Righteous Shadow Demon: How to Defeat Encounter

Courtesy of Owlcat Games
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In Pathfinder: War of the Righteous, players are tasked with many quests to defeat demons and monsters all throughout the game in a variety of situations. In some cases, these monsters need to be defeated using more complicated methods. That is the case for the Shadow Demon in Pathfinder. There are ways to take down this enemy, it just takes a bit more ingenuity than other demons in the game.

Pathfinder: War of the Righteous Shadow Demon: How to Defeat Encounter

When first encountering the demon, it will be within rubble blocking off an area from the player. In order to clear the rubble the demon must be defeated. Firstly, players must loot the dead body lying in front of the rubble. On this body will be a scroll allowing the player to see invisible enemies. Give this to one of the party members capable of reading scrolls, and after it is read, the demon will be exposed, seen preventing the rubble from being cleared.

To attack this demon, magical weapons are a need. Normal weapons will not damage it, so stock up on weapons that will actually be effective. It also has spell resistance, though force spells can damage it. Cold Iron weapons will allow for some damage to be done, but none of these options really allow for a proper attack onto the demon. If players wish to do full damage to the demon, they will need Finnegan the Talking Weapon, which has a special effect allowing it to damage ghosts in full.

After using spells or any of the effective weapons, the player can eventually defeat the demon. After doing so, interacting with the rubble will allow for it to be cleared,. The player will need to pass an athletics check for this to be done, but assuming requirements are met, the rubble will be cleared and the player and their party can move on.