Pathfinder: WotR Starward Gaze: How to Complete the Quest

"Sometimes a fateful choice must be made when you least expect it."
"Sometimes a fateful choice must be made when you least expect it." / Photo courtesy of Owlcat Games

In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, the Starward Gaze quest tasks players with finding out what happened to the missing Desnan adepts, as well as tracking down a number of characters to progress through it.

Here's how to complete the Starward Gaze quest in Pathfinder: WotR.

Pathfinder: WotR Starward Gaze: How to Complete the Quest

First things first, Starward Gaze only becomes available if you choose to side with Ramien during the Feud of the Faithful quest.

After Ramien runs off in front of the Temple of Desna in Market Square begging you to save Kenabres, a cleric named Ilkes will appear to give you a task.

Apparently, Ilkes friends, Aranka and Thall the Wallflower, are missing and he wants you to help him find them.

The "beautiful bard" Aranka can be found in the Arendae Party House by the stage. Head southeast of the temple, and speak with the servant of Count Arendae for the coordinates on the party house. Travel there, fight the enemies, and enter the ballroom. While the festivities are going on, talk to Aranka to receive 69 XP the Aranka’s Shawl quest item.

Thall, the young, but skilled mage, can be found near the starting area back at the Market Square. Since you are holding Aranka's Shawl, Thall will reveal himself while disguised as a Kenabres Crusader.

Soon enough, some crusaders will arrive wanting to arrest Thall for reportedly being a traitor. To continue the quest, feel free to stick up for Thall and fight Halrun.

Lastly, return to Ilkes at the Temple of Desna, which is northwest of the Market Square. While speaking to Ilkes, Thall and Aranka, they gift you a song called Starward Gaze. Be sure to choose the “Chaotic: Sing the song after Aranka” option as this will unlock the Azata Mythic Path.

Upon completing the quest, you will be rewarded with 460 XP and the Wand of Remove Disease.

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