'Pay-to-Win' Flatline Skin Returns to Apex Legends Store

"Iron sights are way easier to see enemies with."
"Iron sights are way easier to see enemies with." / Respawn Entertainment, screenshot by DBLTAP

A certain weapon skin for the VK-47 Flatline has re-emerged in the Apex Legends in-game store, stirring up some more debate as to whether or not Respawn Entertainment's handling of the "competitive integrity of iron sights" is warranted.

Early on in September, Respawn notoriously nerfed the visibility of the Season 4 battle pass "Heat Sink" skin for the Flatline to the dismay of many.

Now that the "P2W" "Teal Zeal" Flatline event skin has returned, many in the community are either calling out Respawn, or simply wondering whether or not the devs will step in once again.

"Respawn nerfed the 'Pay to Win' iron sight Flatline battlepass skin just to release a new Pay to Win skin in the monthly store for $13," Cloud9 Apex coach Jamison "PVPX" Moore tweeted Monday.

In replies to the initial tweet, PVPX mentioned that the Teal Zeal is "now the newest pay to win sight," and "why did they nerf the battle pass skin."

"Teal Zeal" (left) VK-47 Flatline skin comparison
"Teal Zeal" (left) VK-47 Flatline skin comparison / Respawn Entertainment, @Banshee__Baby, edit by DBLTAP

As shown above, the Teal Zeal does appear to have a much skinnier base and iron sights when compared to some of the other cosmetic options for the Flatline.

Ultimately, however, the Teal Zeal doesn't appear to be as game-changing as the Heat Sink skin once was considering the latter also had a window right under its iron sights that could help with target acquisition.

"Heat Sink" VK-47 Flatline skin (pre-nerf)
"Heat Sink" VK-47 Flatline skin (pre-nerf) / Respawn Entertainment

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