Perk Changes in Dead by Daylight Developer Update Listed

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has a lot planned for October including multiple killer changes and some interesting additions.

Behaviour Interactive even released a full roadmap of sorts for the Halloween event. Mostly centered around the Hour of the Witch, the newest survivor arrived on Sept. 28 on the PTB and revealed a whole new type of totem: Boon Totem.

As described in the developer update, "Survivors will be able to bless a totem to change it into a Boon Totem and these blessings are designed to offer comfort to the Survivor Team, a small safe haven. However, unlike a Hex Totem, the Killer can also quickly interact with the created Boon Totem to completely remove the associated blessing, once again turning it into a dull totem, they will also be able to hear the Boon Totem when in its range. Each Survivor can only have one Boon Totem active at a time. This Boon Totem will combine the effects of all of their equipped Boon perks."

Perk Changes in Dead by Daylight Developer Update Listed

Perks and addons were also targeted with a lot of killer addons updated. But for this piece, we'll focus on all the perk changes.

Windows of Opportunity 

"Much like Zanshin Tactics, we’re removing the cooldown from this perk entirely. We’re also increasing the range to 24/28/32m as well. Go away, cooldown, we don’t want you here! "

Repressed Alliance 

"Repressed Alliance has the potential to save a good chunk of progress when timed well, but due to the high requirements for the perk to activate, it can often not be ready by the time you need it. With that said, we’ve reduced the time required to activate the perk to 55/50/45 seconds."

Built to Last 

"This perk shipped with fairly safe numbers to make sure it couldn’t get out of hand, but that ended up making it a pretty unpopular choice. We’ve reworked it to be far more effective at what it’s meant to do."

"Hiding in a locker for 14/13/12 seconds with a depleted item in your hand will cause it to refill 99% of its charges. Each use of Built to Last reduced the number of charges refilled by 33%."

Any Means Necessary 

"Previously, we reduced the cooldown of Any Means Necessary and saw more people start to use it. It’s still not quite where we’d like it to be, so we’ve added an aura reading effect on all dropped pallets. This way, as soon as it’s ready, you’ll know exactly where you can use it!"

No Mither 

"No Mither allows you to trade a health state for other bonuses, but these bonuses aren’t strong enough to warrant using the perk. We’ve increased the Grunts of Pain reduction to 25/50/75%. Additionally, we added a 15/20/25% increase recovery speed while in the dying state."


"This is a simple one: Survivors who are working on a generator will now suffer from Blindness in addition to Exhaustion. This will cause the perk to not only prevent the use of Exhaustion perks, but also any aura reading that the Survivor may have."

Behaviour Interactive took a look at some of the least used Perks for both killers and survivors and give them a slight update. As with any developer they want all abilities to be viable in some capacity.