PlayStation Plus April 2021 Games: 5 We Want

PlayStation Plus April 2021: 5 free games we want
PlayStation Plus April 2021: 5 free games we want / Photo by Sony

PlayStation Plus April 2021 games are upon us, and here are five we want. Sony has been delivering PlayStation Plus subscribers with some AAA games for free to start 2021, so fans are excited for what April has in store. Some of these games include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Control Ultimate Edition, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Since the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony has often debuted games exclusive to the console as free PlayStation Plus games. This is similar to Fall Guys' initial launch on PlayStation, and games such as Bugsnax and Destruction All-Stars made their launches on PS5 this way. Sony has already confirmed that a PS5 game will be included in this month's package.

PlayStation Plus April 2021 Games: 5 We Want

For the sake of this list, we will only focus on the potential games that would be available on both PS4 and PS5. Here are the five games that we'd most like to see free this month:

1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems like a perfect choice for an upcoming free game on PlayStation Plus. EA games such as Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II have been featured as previous free games. If Fallen Order seems a bit new for a free game, consider that February's free game Control was released just a few months earlier in 2019.

2. Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man has been on the wish list of many PlayStation Plus subscribers for a long time. Some thought that it might be the free game last November to hype up release for the Miles Morales pseudo-sequel. Spring 2021 seems like the right time for this game to finally hit everyone's library.

3. Celeste

Sony often likes to include puzzle and platformers as free games. Some low-key gems have been included in previous months, but getting Celeste for free would be the best bargain yet. Celeste is an award-winning and critically acclaimed title whose claim as the best platformer of the PS4 generation is only rivaled by Dead Cells, another free game hopeful.

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's difficulty may turn it away from some gamer's wish list, but most would love to see FromSoftware's most recent title in their library. FromSoftware is not against having their games being gifted, as Bloodborne was the free game for March 2018. Dark Souls III would also be a welcome addition, but Sekiro is much newer and more suitable for the PS5.

5. God of War

This may be a greater stretch than any other game, but PlayStation Plus subscribers have been secretly begging for God of War for a long time now. Those unlucky enough to play this title would love to have it in their library. Arguably the defining game for the PS4, God of War would send out shockwaves if it were ever made free. Of course, it's available on PS5 as part of the PS Plus collection, so this would be specifically for PS4 owners.