Poison-Type Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses

We've put together a brief guide to poison-type Pokemon.
We've put together a brief guide to poison-type Pokemon. / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

We've put together a brief guide to poison-type Pokemon.

Poison-type Pokemon can be the bane of any trainer's existence ⁠— specifically with the condition they create. With 74 unique species in the category, these Pokemon make up 8.11% of all creatures in the franchise and are the eighth most common type in the game.

What is a Poison-Type Pokemon?

Poison-type Pokemon are part of the first bulk of types introduced at the very start of the franchise. Most trainers will remember these species based on the sheer terror they felt after ending a battle with a poisoned Pokemon and the mad-dash to the Pokemon Center to save them before they fainted.

Examples of poison-type Pokemon include Croagunk, Ekans and Arbok, Nidoran, Trubbish, Drapion, Ivysaur, and Roserade.

There are very few poison-type legendary Pokemon. In fact, most are recent additions, like Sneasler and Eternatus.

Poison-Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Poison-types receive super-effective damage from:

  • Ground-types
  • Psychic-types

They deal half-damage to:

  • Ground-types
  • Rock-types
  • Poison-types
  • Ghost-types

While some may believe poison-types cannot be poisoned, themselves, this is actually incorrect. They can be poisoned if the opposing Pokemon has the Corrosion ability.

Poison-Type Pokemon Strengths and Resistances

For the most part, poison-types are immune to being poisoned. In fact, they will go as far as to remove any Toxic Spikes so long as they aren't ungrounded.

Poison-types deal super-effective damage to:

  • Fairy-type
  • Grass-type

They receive half-damage from:

  • Poison-types
  • Fighting-types
  • Bug-types
  • Grass-types
  • Fairy-types

Poison-types are also immune to steel.

Best Counters for Poison-Type Pokemon

The best counter for poison-types are ground-types. This is because ground-type Pokemon both inflect super effective damage to and receive half-damage back from poison-types. Those going up against a poison-type team may want to include Marowak, Rhyperior, Krookodile, Garchomp or even Nidoking and Nidoqueen in their mix.

Additionally, those worried about being poisoned should stock up on antidotes, Pecha Berries, or Lum Berries.

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