Pokémon Go Error 0: What Does It Mean and How to Fix It

Pokémon Go Error 0 can happen to both Apple and Android users while trying to login to Pokémon Go. Ironically, Error 0 means there is no specific error happening to your game, it's more of a clerical error that needs to be fixed.

Here are a few different fixes.

Pokémon Go Error 0: What Does It Mean and How to Fix It

It can be a bad cache, problem with user settings, or an issue with the application. There are a few solutions, and the easiest one is to clear the cache for the game. If that doesn't work, you can uninstall the game and reinstall the game and you should be good to go!

In actual Pokémon Go news, Adventure Week has arrived! Throughout the week, players will be able to encounter more Rock-type Pokémon than usual, including Geodude, Rhyhorn, Omanyte, Aron, Lileep, Anorith and more. Rock-type Pokémon will also be hatchable from 2-kilometer Eggs, and Onix will be available to challenge in raids. Finally, shiny Onix, Lileep and Anorith will appear in the wild throughout the week.

Photo courtesy of Ninatic Labs