Pokémon GO: Halloween Cup Best Teams

Image courtesy of Niantic.
Image courtesy of Niantic. /

Things are getting spooky in Pokémon GO, with a bunch of Ghost-types appearing in the wild. What better way to celebrate October than a Halloween Cup? Here are the best teams to compete with this year.

As a part of the ongoing Halloween event in the game, Niantic has made a special Halloween-themed cup for trainers to battle in. In this cup, Pokemon cannot exceed 1,500 CP and must be Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, or Poison-types. Given the two restrictions, players may struggle to find viable Pokemon that are just strong enough to be eligible, though there are a few that are just right for any trainer to sic on their enemies.

Pokemon GO: Halloween Cup Best Teams

The following teams are recommended for taking on the Halloween Cup:

  • Golbat/Azumarill/Ninetales
  • Mawile/Crustle/Jellicent
  • Frosslass/Mandibuzz/Beedrill
  • Forretress/Muk/Marowak
  • Cofagrigus/Wigglytuff/Drapion
  • Tyranitar/Scizor/Umbreon

The teams listed above allow each Pokemon to cover the weaknesses of one another, while also providing their own strength that’s essential to the team. Knowing these Pokemon combinations also makes team-building easier in general, since they are all eligible for entry. Just make sure their CP counts aren’t too over leveled.

Trainers should try their absolute hardest to earn as many rewards as possible, while also completing the Halloween Cup challenges to get a ton of candies for spooky Pokemon.

This year’s Halloween Cup will run from Oct. 15 at 4 p.m. to Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. All times are in Eastern Standard Time.